Who am I?

Dorian Marié 20 years old

I live in France.

I will be an engineer in computer science.

I consider myself as a hobbist, someone really passionate about discovering, experimenting, and making things.

What did I do?

Who Hired me?

When? Who? What?
Since August
Freelance I write many scripts, and little websites. And I do a lot of data mining, and web scrapping.
Since January
UTT I record voices for Microsoft. I welcomed people and many little tasks for the UTT.
Since August
ACAPL I created commercesdepont.fr. Then I created books, posters, and e-mails campaigns.
1+Diffusion My first commercial website coif1plus.fr.

I also worked in a warehouse for one month in February 2011.
And I did remedial teaching in mathematics for high school students.

What do I know?

I built a website using Ruby on Rails with a lot of gems like RSpec, Cancan, Devise, Omniauth, Coffeescript, LESS, etc.

I scrapped 150 000 recipes and 50 0000 restaurants with their menus using Ruby and Nokogiri.

I built a website using Wordpress and custom plugins and a custom theme.

I built websites using Twitter Bootstrap and PHP.

I built an application using Sinatra and ActiveRecord.

I built games using Canvas, with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

I used Google, Facebook, and Twitter APIs to gather data I needed for my projects.

My development system is Ubuntu with ZSH and Bash, and I have a Debian server I use with SSH.

I built applications using Java, C++ (with and without Qt), Python, and Pascal.

I can use SVN, but I mainly use Git and Github for my project versionning.

I am a native French speaker. And I speak fluently in English.

Where did I learn all of this?

Back in 2006, I first learned Python with an online tutorial, using Turtle.

Then, I bought a book about C++ but it required to first learn C, so I learned C.

Then, like everyone, I learned PHP and published my first websites using PHP. Soon, I started to need strong knowledge in CSS, HTML and Javascript. And I started to use frameworks like Symfony 1.4.

But after experimenting with a lot of languages and frameworks. And I started learning Ruby with Ruby on Rails. Since this time, I mainly use Ruby for everything I do.

I am now in my third year, studying Computer Science in the University of Technology of Troyes in France.

Contact me

If you want to see some, quite old, public code I have, take a look at my Github account and one of my Ruby on Rails projects.